29 May 2014


Let me introduce you to two different versions of Mummerina...

Moonface Mummerina // Pointy Chin Mummerina
This is me, circa mid 2011 and the thinner version of myself in early 2012.
As much as I would love to blame the less-than-flattering-grainy licence photo on the RTA's staff members lack of photography skills, it really is a pretty good indication of how I looked in 2011.
In 2011, I got engaged and, like most brides, began what I like to call the "Wedding Dress Diet". I won't bore you with the ins & outs, nor will I explain how many times in my chubby life I have dieted before, but if you click on the 'healthy' or 'weightloss' tags in this blog, you will see a small part of my journey that I had previously blogged about (I deleted ALOT of it as it was affliated with a company that I did not want to be associated with anymore)
By May 2012 I had lost almost 15kg and feeling fantastic. And then, a roadblock of all roadblocks - when it comes to weightloss - hit and I found out I was (very unexpectedly) pregnant.
I would like to say that I continued my healthy way of living whilst I was pregnant - but that would be a complete and utter lie.
So in the past 2 years, I've been pregnant and suffered from severe preeclampsia (read; GAIN WEIGHT), breastfed (read: LOST WEIGHT), induldged whilst being a stay at home mum (read: GAIN WEIGHT), returned to work and a fitness routine (read: LOST WEIGHT) and now, fell pregnant again (read: GAIN WEIGHT).
I am pleased to say that I have not gained as much weight this pregnancy as I did in my first, but I was heavier to start with - so I am ultimately in the same position.
Transformation pictures like this motivate me to focus on my health and fitness once Baby Mummerina is born.
I have learnt the importance of progress pictures, so here is hoping that I have plenty more to share with you in the next 6 - 12 months.
Do you have any tips for post partum weight loss?


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