31 January 2012


If I have learnt one thing from my quest for a healthy mind, body and soul - it is the importance of drinking water.
I had always thought I drank enough water - I probably fill up my 600ml bottle twice during the day. And have a glass of two with my breakfast (I'm not a big juice fan).
But I soon realised 1500ml of water a day is infact, not enough.
I now try to drink 2500ml - 3000ml a day (that's about 4 or 5 600ml bottles). I seriously feel as though I permanently have a bottle of water attached to my lips.

Basically - if you've think you've had enough water. You haven't. Keep drinking!

I've replaced my lunch time can of coke zero and glass of coridal with dinner for water. My pee is basically clear (TMI?) and I notice I don't snack as much becasue I am too busy drinking!!!

Aside from all the above benefits- water has proven to be the best beauty product of all. My skin & hair feels healthier (even though I have been swimming in cholorinated pools) - I've had three people comment on my 'glow'. The whites of my eyes seem whiter and brigther (again, I've had a few people comment on my eyes in the last few weeks). And my dry lips, which see me go through a tub of Blistex a fortnight, have seemed to significantly improved.

If I could ever recommend one beauty tip - it would be this. Seriously. Try it. It won't hurt you. You don't have to break a sweat. You won't be uncomfortable (unless you have to hold a pee... that is never fun - but just strength those kegal muscles!)

Bottoms Up!

25 January 2012


I have found myself reading more and more fitness/health blogs lately - I think it's because at the moment - it is more important to me than reading about fashion (although I still love all my fav fashion bloggers).

I'm going to keep up with the Jones' and do a "Motivation Wednesday".

This week:

In the last 10 days I've worked out 11 times. I've been drinking more water than I usually do. I'm eating at least 2 serves of fruit, 3 serves of veggies and serverely reducing my intake of processed foods. This isn't perfect - but I already feel so much better. My skin is glowing. My hair feels better. My muscles have the dull ache that lets me know they are working. My breathing has improved and whilst its not yet time to weigh in/measure - Adam is certain I have at least lost weight in my boobs (which he isnt very happy about haha)

Whilst I do want to lose weight (and need to) - this is about taking care of my body. Preparing it for when I have children and making sure I am getting the most out of life. Doing everything I can to make sure I am healthy enough to fight any illness life throws at me. I want healthy bones, healthy muscles, healthy mind and a health heart.

If you need to kickstart your motivation to get healthy - I highly recommend you read the blog of Amanda - the same blog which I read until 4am one morning and was a huge factor in me deciding NOW is the time. Me vs The Bulge is the inspiration that even the most lazy, obese and unfit of people will need to get clean!


19 January 2012


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my puppies (which is more than a I like most people), so when I was killing boredom on etsy.com and saw these posters - I knew they would look perfect as some art deco style artwork in my house, and that they reflected my dogs PERFECTLY.

I can not even begin to explain how spookingly perfect this Black Lab pic is. We got Tilly after living together for a few months (after lots of begging). I've always loved labs. We went to the breeders property to look at the 3 black pups left and as soon as we walked through the gate, one little pup with giantic ears came running towards us and weaved in and out of our legs. I picked her up and said "We want this one!" without even consulting with Adam haha! My fear of losing Tilly is (what most would say) somewhat unhealthy. Which is weird considering I've lost a parent at a young age - so death is not a foregin thing to me. I imagine its the sort of bond parents have with their first born child. She is always going to be my perfect little girl - and I hate to think of the time when she won't be around - so the quote from the wise bear himself, Winnie the Pooh sums up an unspoken deal I am sure Tilly & I have
Plus - she is as black as the ace of spades (even her eyes) so this picture couldn't be more like her!

This poster was actually a 'rescure greyhound' picture (as most greyhounds are dumped at pounds/shelters once there race days are over). Duffy isn't a greyhound - but she is definitely part whippet and her body shape looks exactly like this silhouette. We got Duffy from our local pound after she was dumped there as a 3mth old pup. I saw her on the website and rang up to put my name down. That afternoon we went to have a look at her and saw she had a sign on her cage door "I am deaf". Lucky she wasnt ready to be 'released' for another few days, so we took the time to research deaf dogs and discuss if it was something we wanted to take on. The pound rang a few days later and said the people who had their names down infront of me didnt want her once they knew she was deaf. That was all I needed to hear to know we HAD to take her. Duffy was, and still is sometimes, a challenge. Apart from being deaf - she is very strong headed and needs to be close to you. I think she has some sort of separation anixety which probably has to do with her breed, the deafness and the fact that she was dumped at the pound. I hate to think what would've happened if someone took Duffy and werent prepared to put in the hard work with her. Had she of ended back at the pound as a fully grown dog - she wouldnt have had that 'cute puppy' factor on her side anymore. When she snuggles up next to us for morning cuddles - I know she is grateful for giving her the life she nearly didnt have!

If you have a pet you love, these are from etsy.com seller Going Places 2 which I highly recommend you check out. I believe you can change the dog breed/quotes etc

And here are the hounds in real life Tilly aka Bubba-lubba and Duffy aka Deafhead (as Adam affectionaly called her) of Duff-a-luff-a-guess

* sorry for those who arent dog lovers or pet people - this post would be a complete waste of your time =)