15 November 2011


Some mornings I am too lazy to apply a 'full face' of make up
Some weekends I let my face get wayyyy too much sun (tutt tutt, I know)
Some seasons of the year my skin gets VERY dry.

As you can imagine, all these things, make finding an everyday foundation a pain in the backside.

Then I heard about Australis' Paparazzi Perfect HD Tinted Moisturiser and remembered how much I used to love the Australis' tinted moisturiser I used back in high school. I considered waiting until I needed more foundation - but at $15.95 it didnt exactl break the budget.

This stuff is incredible, legit. It provides enough coverage to mask my uneven skin tones and sun spots, but still shows my freckles (seriously, who can resist a splatter of light freckles over the nose??). Plus it is super dooper quick to apply - I basically just apply as I would a moitsutriser.

And it lasts allll day and over night (as I discovered when I fell asleep before removing my make up the other night).

I don't feel as if I am wearing a heavy foundation and my skin definitely feels and looks dewey all day. I use my much loved Moroccan Oil on my face (and hair) as soon as I get out of bed then about 30 minutes later I put the Tinted Moisturiser on - the combindation is like a match made in heaven.

I am considering going and stocking up on Paparazzi Perfect, as it's been just my luck lately that when I find a product I love, it is not long until it is discontinued. Praying to the beauty gods this doesn't happen again.


  1. That's a great price. I will have to check it out. I love using tinted moisturiser in the summer time. It's nice and light and usually has SPF too.

  2. I so want to try this now! I have been on the lookout for a good tinted moisteriser, so hard to come across a good one. I loveee the blush in this range too!

    P.s. Ooh the too faced glosses on my blog I got instore- but you can get them online too! From Kit Cosmetics I'm pretty sure :)

  3. Fab review!

    I love Moroccan oil too :)


  4. I will keep a look out for this. I have never used a tinted moisturiser before I think it will be perfect in summer so much lighter than foundation.

  5. I have to admit that I never used it... but I do love when my skin can breathe :)

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