21 November 2011


Some of you UK readers would probably say this is old news... but the Hair Donut is back!!!!!

If you haven't heard of a hair donut - it is what is used to make Carrie Bradshaw's bun look soooo perfectly ballerina like in Sex & the City;

Have you tried to rock this look, only to find your bun ends up looking like a sad, little door handle on your head?? Well, my friends, you have to get your hands on one of these;

I am not going to try and describe how to put this in your hair, but you only have to you tube "Hair Donut" to see a million beauty blogger tutorials, or check out this one from Beauty Heaven.
You can get hair donuts in various sizes and colours (I would suggest finding one closest to your hair colour) and you can buy them from ebay or any hair accessory store.

As soon as I got my new BFF, I tried it out and this was the result;
Seriously - this was my 2nd attempt and it legit took under 2 minutes. It is the perfect hair style for the days you can't be bothered doing your hair but still want to look polished. I can't wait to go out one night and wear a higher bun.

Go on, get going and buy yourself a hair donut... and a chocolate donut - all this talk to donuts is making me crave one!!


15 November 2011


Some mornings I am too lazy to apply a 'full face' of make up
Some weekends I let my face get wayyyy too much sun (tutt tutt, I know)
Some seasons of the year my skin gets VERY dry.

As you can imagine, all these things, make finding an everyday foundation a pain in the backside.

Then I heard about Australis' Paparazzi Perfect HD Tinted Moisturiser and remembered how much I used to love the Australis' tinted moisturiser I used back in high school. I considered waiting until I needed more foundation - but at $15.95 it didnt exactl break the budget.

This stuff is incredible, legit. It provides enough coverage to mask my uneven skin tones and sun spots, but still shows my freckles (seriously, who can resist a splatter of light freckles over the nose??). Plus it is super dooper quick to apply - I basically just apply as I would a moitsutriser.

And it lasts allll day and over night (as I discovered when I fell asleep before removing my make up the other night).

I don't feel as if I am wearing a heavy foundation and my skin definitely feels and looks dewey all day. I use my much loved Moroccan Oil on my face (and hair) as soon as I get out of bed then about 30 minutes later I put the Tinted Moisturiser on - the combindation is like a match made in heaven.

I am considering going and stocking up on Paparazzi Perfect, as it's been just my luck lately that when I find a product I love, it is not long until it is discontinued. Praying to the beauty gods this doesn't happen again.

07 November 2011


Anyone with boobs bigger than a B cup will know what I am saying when bikini shopping is the WORST (like, even more of a nightmare than bikini shopping is for most)

Little string bikinis hardly cover my headlights - let alone provide any support (or modesty). Team that with the fact that I am not blessed with a bikini perfect body (far, far, far, far away from it) I was starting to think I would have to resort to wearing a tankini or one peice.

I long gave up my insecurities about going to the beach/pool. I am most definitely a water baby and I can tell you that a (well fitted) bikini is much more comfortable to swim in that a tankini top or one peice. I hate the feeling of the water coming up under your swimmers. In saying that - I have learnt (the hard way) that I do need to invest in well fitted swimwear - not tie up traingle bikinis for this beach babe whale.

So team the curvy d cup Karina with the tight a$$ Karina and my serach for cheapish yet supportive and fashionable swimmers lead me to http://www.asos.com/

I got this animalistic bikini top back in September
ASOS Leopard Print 50s style bikini

It had served me & my tat tats well over the last few weekends... however I now have the style permanentely tanned onto my skin - so I think its time to get another one to remove the halter tan lines frmo my chest.
Although this one is also hatler, the straps are a lot thinner and in a different position to the above - so I think I am going to order this one later in the week

ASOS Blue underwire Bikini

Here are a few tips I have for buying the perfect bikini - if you aren't lucky enough to be able to make a garbage bag bikini look good

*  Buy what fits - not what is fashionable. A string bikini on anyone bigger than a size 0 does not look good if you ask me. Nor do high wasited bottoms.

* Try to avoid tie up backs... I find they are not supportive enough and you risk ending up with a bow tan line

* Also avoid big bows, buckles, cut outs... unless you like the whole weird tan line thing

* For us Aussies - shop in the off season. ASOS has a lot of their bikinis on sale because it is coming into winter over in the UK

* Buy a few different styles - halter, straps, strapless, thin straps etc. this way if you are spending a few days in a row in the sun you can ulternate the straps line

* If you are big busted I would steer clear of detachable straps. A little plastic clip is not going to hold my girls up and usually results in the clip breaking or coming undone.

* You don't have to buy a set. I nearly always wear black or navy bottoms and just mix & match the tops (In my mind, this is a slimming effect). If your bottom half is your best asset you should wear a plain colour on top and wear print/bold coloured bottoms

* Be confident. Seriously - I truly believe gals wearing boardshorts and singlets make themselves look x 10 bigger. No one is judging you and once you get over the insecurity you will enjoy going to the beach so much more. Trust me!

* Wear sunscreen. This is a true case of the pot calling the kettle black, beacuse I rarely do. I have the freckles/mole to show this - and if I am still blogging in 20+ years I will show you how leathery my skin will be.

If you know of any other places to buy real women bikinis, let me know =)