28 March 2012


Blogging babe ShesSonic suggested we all share the stories of how we met our significant others.

                                                               The first photo of us together

May 2003 -  I went to watch a football game at Parramatta with a few friend of mine. One of the girls, Jackie, bumped into some fella she knew - who was with a big group of boys! Most of the boys in that group were under 18 - but there were 4 of them who were a few years old. Naturally, we were drawn to them!!!
We ended up hanging out with the older guys who said they could get us into a nearby by Pub. Cue underage drinking lecture. I was quite shy back then, but luckily Adam had drinks under his belt to get me talking. As we were approaching the pub he told me that if I held his hand we would look like a couple and they wouldnt ask me for ID. As a 17 year old - this was just swoon-worthy.
It was such a great night and we were all pretty smitten with the boys. Big, beefy & blokey - just the way we liked them!

The next few months we hung with the boys most weekends. Either at his place (where we now live!), some of their friends parties, or local pubs (again with the underage drinking). Me and girls even stole him a street sign of his last name one night!!! Adam & I always ended up sitting alone talking. There was just some connection/chemistry there. He was a bit shy, and I was even more so - so it took a while for him to kiss me.

Oct 2003 - Around the same time I turned 18, I found out he had a girlfriend (who were on the rocks). I wasn't annoyed - because we never said we were dating (we never even hung out one-on-one) and we only kissed that once, but a combindation of that and the fact that we could now go clubbing, and that the bloke Jackie was seeing (Adam's friend) wasn't really keen anymore - meant that we slowly stopped hanging out with them so much.
Aside from a few drunken phone calls to one another, we eventually lost contact.

Fast forward past 6 years of me kissing too many frogs

2009 - Fate came knocking... A friend  rang me telling me she is certain this new guy she is dating knows Adam - apparently she had seen the mutual connections on Facebook.
 - When I tell this part of the story I know it sounds ridiculous that even my friends still remembered him... but I am pretty sure I compared a lot of guys to him at the start there. As cliche as it sounds, he always one that one that never was -
I found Adam & his mates on Facebook and 'added' them. One of them invited us to a party on Melbourne Cup night. As soon as I heard the address I knew where it was!! We walked in and the first person I saw was a drunken Adam & his killer smiler (the kid has some seriously sexy dimples). No surprise we sat there together all night talking. He offered me to stay the night, but it was a weeknight I'm a lady, so I said no. We swapped numbers and I was like a giggling school girl calling all the girls on the way home. We called the next day and arranged to hang out. Within 2 weeks we were 'official'

And well the rest, as they say, is history

I am a huge believer in fate now. Adam says that he never knew how much I liked him back then. He wanted me to be his girlfriend but was too shy to ask. He always says that if we had've got our sh!t together back then we could've already been married with kids by now. But I wouldn't change how things went. I would never have married my first real boyfriend, and we both had enough time being stupid & single to be ready to settle down at the same time.

23 March 2012


Discovering your fav pair jeans are too big is a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand - it's great because it usually means you are losing weight! Yay! On the other hand it means you probably have to buy new jeans (or you could just eat more McDonalds to gain weight - but I wouldn't recommend that)

If I am going to be adding yet another pair of jeans to my collection - they are going to have to be cheap. An upcoming wedding puts to sleep any designer denim dreams I have. Along with my hopefullness that I will continue to lose weight - I don't see the point can't justify spending more than $50.00

My two picks for cheap jeggings (yes, I wear jeggings... what of it?!! As long as they are actually denim and you don't intend to wear a shirt tucked in  - they are comfy as f*&k)

ASOS $40.55

EziBuy $49.99

Until I decide on my new pair (and wait for them to arrive) I will have to resort to putting my current jeans in the dryer to shrink them before each wear!


16 March 2012


1,000,000 new blogs are created everyday (ok, I made up that statistic - but you get the idea) - so it is rare that I find new ones that I actually enjoy reading.

I love reading about all my blogging pals lives, ideas, inspiration, children, significant others, style etc etc - but every now and then its nice to escape to a site where you can window shop, but also get the authors hints, tips and suggestions on the product.
Think regular online shopping - with little voice next to each product telling you how to style it, comparing similar products, or how to rock it like the celebs did.

Well its here at Shop Me Chic

"We created Shop Me Chick to keep our readers up to date with current trends or products and to inform them of online bargains and amazing online stores" Melinda (MummaInHeels) co founder

It was created by my twitter gorgeous friend She's Sonic and another fabulous blogger Mumma in Heels - and trust me, if there is one thing these ladies know it is shopping! (They do know more than one thing though - they are both funny, intellegant and stylish women)

"Shop Me Chic brings together Fashion, Beauty and Children in one chic little place. Our readers can click through and buy every single item featured on the website - online" says co founded Sonia.

You can tweet you suggestions, ideas or questions directly to @ShopMeChic - it's like having your own personal stylist/shopper.

I've asked the girls at Shop Me Chic to compile some feirce Winter "girls nigth out" outfits. My hen's night (more on that later) will be in July. I still want to look ah-maz-ing but I think I'll need to wear something more than a little cocktail dress. I can't wait to see what the girls come up with.

Have a great weekend

15 March 2012


I've been a little bit MIA lately. Long story short - we are moving out of our place to rent it out and moving in with family. So the last few weeks have been full of cleaning, sorting, packing!!! I gave away soooo many clothes/shoes =( It was nice to have a clean out though!

I did manage to find time to send out (most) of our Save the Date cards. I have received so many calls/text msg's about how much people love them.
Seriously - they were so worth the money.

I found Sabina on Etsy.com who created a cariacture of Adam & I (and the dogs!) for only $60.00. I sent her photos of us and back and forth we created the image I liked. She is amazingly talented and nothing was too much trouble for her.
Then I jsut went onto VistaPrint and printed them off for $40.00!!!
Best.$100.I.Ever.Spent !!!!

My only regret is that I didnt use these as the wedding invitations - they have been such a hit I worry that our invites will be a massive let down! haha!