03 April 2012


I was lucky enough to win a competition held over at The Fit Girl and won a goodie bag from Body for Women

Because I am about as technical as an ant – here is the run down on Body For Women’s Shaping Protein (from the experts themselves)

Women specific shaping protein.
Finally females have access to a delicious guilt free shaping protein that will have you looking and feeling great. This adaptable protein can be used in any situation from having a light meal to replenishing your body after a workout.

What’s in Body
Female specific proteins from whey and soy to help boost your metabolism, control your appetite and tone your body,
L-Carnitine to transfer fatty acids to sites where they can be used for fuel keeping you lean and fit,
Calcium for strong and healthy bones,
All the essential vitamins and minerals females need including folate and iron to keep you energised all day,
Inulin to ensure a healthy digestive system,
Plant extract Hydroxycitric acid to inhibit fat production and help reduce hunger cravings.
Omega 3, 6 and 9

Basically, Body for women is the guilt free female shaping protein in a high-energy, low-calorie meal supplement ideal for the health conscious female.

This is not the type of shake where you have to have 17 of them a day and nothing else. It is designed to be the hit of protein you need after a workout, or as a healthy alternative as an on-the-go snack.

I tried the Swisse Chocolate flavour. 1 scoop + 200ml milk and I had a chocolaty goodness that I would probably drink regardless of benefits it contains. It was seriously delicious. A tiny bit grainy (but that could be my half assed attempt at shaking it up) but other than that, it tasted like any calorie filled chocolate milk you could buy off the shelf – except this chocolate won’t go straight to your hips

I don’t think my training schedule is hard core enough to warrant regular protein supplement – but I would be perfect morning tea snack, or even as a way to cure any late night chocolate cravings I have.

Do you use any dietary supplements??