02 December 2011


I am a self confessed nail picker (and ex nail bitter). Up until about 12 mths ago I had acrylic nails for as long as I can remember... So it was only just recently that my nails were FINALLY back to normal strength. I kicked my nail biting habit, and replaced it with a nail picking polish.

I'd heard about Shellac and thought it sounded too good to be true...
- doesn't damage your nails
- colour and shine lasts up to 4 weeks with NO CHIPPING
- costs less than an acrylic infill

So I treated myself and got a "Hollywood" red on my toes and a "crystal" pink on my nails (in time for my engagement party)
All in all it does look fantastic, and perhaps if you were a bit more dainty things would be different, but only 1 week later the polish is started to lift on probably 8 of my nails... I am trying so hard not to peel it off.
I do love it on my toes - but i think before I go again, I will go to a nail salon for a EPA pedi first (the salon who does the shellac is a proper beauty salon... As opposed to a nail bar) because my toe nails look flawless at the moment, but my heels could do with a good buffing.

You can read more about Shellac here http://www.cnd.com/Products/Color/shellac-hello.aspx

Have you had Shellac... What did u think???