14 October 2011


You'll probably hear my talk alot about my DESIRE not to have a $30,000 + wedding. (Yes, it's my CHOICE not to have that... So spare me the pitty party).
Having only been engaged for a month - I am DETERMINED to show all the cynics that you can have a cheap wedding, and it still be elegant, classy & fun.

This is why I am in the DIY/Budget Bride category.

My first project was a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" card.
I searched Zazzle, Ebay, Vistaprint and more for a unique cards to give my BM's. The problem was they are all lovey dovey cards stating how much you love them and would be honoured to have them by your side in during the most important day of your life.
Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but my gal pals would've punched me in the face if I gave them that.

So I came up with a little 'poem' after getting some design inspiration off http://www.weddingbee.com/ and went down to the scrapbooking store to get some cardstock and the stickers;

Incase you can't read it properly it said (I've blanked out a few words that would be offensive to most people - just not my friends)
Will you be my taffeta wearing woman.  my dress shopping amigo.  satin vS silk shagga. My tooth-checking, train-fixing, toilet-helping bitch. tiara adjuster. my hens night home girl.  Bridal expo guidette. Invitation-making, stamp-licking, colour-picking lady. my flower holding f$cker.  ****, will you be my…

Sure they aren't the most creative or fancy cards but the girls loved them!!! I was a bit over it after making the 5th card (even though it didnt really require much effort at all) so needless-to-say, I don't think I'll be DIYing my invitations.

If you aren't into DIY, but still want a not-so-mushy card I suggest you look at these on etsy.com (of course I found these AFTER I went to such efforts *cough, cough* to make my cards)


What's next on the DIY list??? Engagement party decorations! Stay tuned.



  1. I agree with you. $30K is way too much :)

    Check out this article:
    $8k wedding @ Glamour.com.

    Also, here's an interesting article about the true cost of a wedding Sour Cherry.

    Hope it helps :)

  2. i so love it so stunning

  3. Yes - you rock!!!! Of course you can have a most beautiful wedding without having your entire life savings! I can not wait to see with what you come up with next ;) And those cards you made - they basically rock!!! I love them!!! Good job! xo

  4. DIY is the way to go. Good on your for making your Bridesmaid cards.

    Something really simple for your Engagement party is to make those tissue paper poufs. And have a ton of tea light candles and photos. It's romantic and really doesn't cost much at all. x

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  7. This is such an interesting read! Good luck missy!

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  8. what a cute little cards! I also think incredibly pricey weddings are a bit over the top.

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