28 February 2013


How many times have you been searching for that one perfect item of clothing you need... Only to find several that are "almost" what you want. If you are anything like me, you've probably got way too many "almost perfect" pieces in your wardrobe.

Style Platette is a recently launched online design application where you can be your own designer! Don't like sleeveless tops? Would rather a v neckline? Well with Style Platette, you mix and match the design elements to create YOUR perfect garment.

Style Palette founder, Debra Nott sums it up perfectly "I have always been confident in knowing my style and my statement for each occasion. I know what suits me. Speaking with other women, I understand that most of us know what we like. We know what makes us feel confident and look gorgeous. Stylepalette.com.au is designed for woman who know their own style"

At the moment, you can create you own tops and dresses (which will eventually extend to a full wardrobe). The garments are manufactured in Australia and take around 4 weeks to be made and delivered - which is a similar amount of time I spend searching high and low for the perfect dress.

Do yourself a favour and check out www.stylepalette.com.au


This is a sponsored post, however opinions are that of my own and have not been influenced by this. 

27 February 2013


Ok ladies (and gents) this is my first outfit post... Well the first one in a long time! So please be kind, and keep in mind I just had a baby 12 weeks ago! Excuse the dodgy lighting and background as well! And the awkward pose!! Ahhh, I don't know how all you ladies do it!

Anyway...I am always interested to see outfits posts, especially when they feature the stores picture of the garment on the model! I think it's a great way to show what does (or doesn't) look good on real people...

Top; ASOS V Neck Cami, Pants; Warehouse leggings Shoes; Hot Options by Target

Whilst this outfit looks different on a curvy girl, I think it still works!

Anyone have any tips on how to do better outfit posts???


26 February 2013


My VERY brave best friend is doing the 2013 Worlds Greatest Shave.

Kat has been sick lately, and there was a chance it could be a form of cancer. This was obviously a big scare for Kat. So she decided to shave her gorgeous locks to help raise money for an organisation that most of us think we'll never need to call upon, but the reality is some of us will.

That is Kat being maid of honour at my wedding! That hair is 100% REAL! Girls pay top dollar for hair that long... I'm asking you to donate just a few dollars for her to shave it


Thank you

20 February 2013


Sometimes I have some very clever ideas (I also have some horrible ones - but we won't talk about those)

Last week, I caught up with a friend who has had a run of ill health. I wanted to send her something to work to cheer her up the next day, but didn't want to waste money on flowers (seriously, am I the only female who thinks flowers are a waste of money). I looked online for hampers etc, but nothing seemed appropriate.

As I was doing this, I was "multi tasking" by browsing The Iconic and had a light bulb moment!
3 hour shipping (within Sydney) + gift wrapping = The opportunity to hand select a gift to be sent to my BFF that same day! Genious.

I chose this Dogeared Make A Wish necklace and added the express shipping & gift wrapping option. By that afternoon I got "thank you" message and Instagram shout out

For the same price of sending flowers, I sent my friend a more personal gift that I know she can wear again and again.

Now, lets share this with our husbands/partners! 


18 February 2013


Sitting at home with a newborn baby and unfortunately carrying a bit of extra weight has given me plenty of time to shop online.

In preparation for winter, I have been updating my denim wardrobe. This is a big issue for me - since my short, chunky legs struggle to fit into jeans and when they do, they usually don't look any good.
I have a few staple pairs of skinnies that I hope last me until the day I die - but I have been having a few hit & misses when it comes to buying more fashion forward pairs of skinny jeans.

I've since learnt that unless you are blessed with being curvy AND great legs (bitch!), you should stick to dark denim (or colour)  which will elongate your legs... Even in flats. Unfortunately that means no pastel jeans for me.

My choice for denim is ASOS, because they usually go up to at least size 18 (and then have a plus size range) and legit have the biggest range.

I've got my eye on these 3 pair - I'm not 100% sure on the ombré ones... But I will definitely order them and try.

1. ASOS Supersoft Skinny Jeans in Dark Acid Wash
2. ASOS Matelot Denim Jeggins in Oxblood
3. Oasis Skinny Jean in Ombré

I have the Matelot Jeggings in khaki and a light denim (which was a HUGE mistake - pardon the pun) and they are super comfy.

I'd love to hear your tips & tricks when it comes to buying jeans