18 June 2014


The other day, I posted a shameless selfie on my personal Instagram. I had edited the photo (as I do with most of my photos) using a filter and noise reducing effect.
A distant friend then commented on it saying "ahh you have amazing skin! I'm so jealous" Clearly she hasn't seen me in real life lately!

I instantly felt guilty. Here is someone who is comparing my digitally enhanced skin to their raw, natural state. I did reply with a witty comment about the power of an Instagram filter, but I still felt like I had single handedly betrayed the female population.

         original photo vs edited version

I edit 99% of my photos in the same way (regardless of if they are photos of me, my son, or anyone else). I have always had an interest in photography, and as technology has advanced, my interest in photo editing has also advanced. I think most females would be lying of they said they have never applied a filter to enhance their photo.

Regardless of if its a friends Instagram photo or an picture in a magazine... Don't let yourself feel inferior by comparing yourself. We live in a world where the pictures we see of other woman are almost certainly going to be touched up. So lets embrace it; filter your pictures until your heart is content... Just don't compare your 'untouched' self to a picture of someone which may not be quite so untouched! 

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  1. You look gorgeous in both photos. I put a filter on my photos and up the exposure to make them look nicer but I rarely edit my skin texture. I should but just can't be bothered. Can someone invent real life airbrushing cause I'll definitely buy into that!