31 October 2011


A few months back I had been hearing about argan oil (moroccan oil) a lot. After a bit of a google search and you tube - I found out it is meant to work wonders for dry, fizzy hair. I didn't need any more convincing.

I purchased a bottle off ebay for around $25.00

It is pure amazeballs. Seriously. Not only does it act as an incredibly light anti frizz serum (which smells delicious) but I also use a teeny tiny bit on my face each morning as a primer - because I have insanely dry skin at times. I read somewhere that Sophia Loren used to moisturise a bit into her skin each day!!!

To read a more scenific description (what, amazeballs isn't descriptive enough?) check out Mira's Hand blog (which includes some other uses)

On the beauty front - I've recently discovered two great Aussie beauty sites where you can read reviews and compare products etc
I would highly recommend checking out these sites for more information on Argan oil (or any other products)

Now I am off to lay in a tub of Argan oil. Pfft - I wish.... back to the moutain of paperwork it is. Le sigh!


14 October 2011


You'll probably hear my talk alot about my DESIRE not to have a $30,000 + wedding. (Yes, it's my CHOICE not to have that... So spare me the pitty party).
Having only been engaged for a month - I am DETERMINED to show all the cynics that you can have a cheap wedding, and it still be elegant, classy & fun.

This is why I am in the DIY/Budget Bride category.

My first project was a "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" card.
I searched Zazzle, Ebay, Vistaprint and more for a unique cards to give my BM's. The problem was they are all lovey dovey cards stating how much you love them and would be honoured to have them by your side in during the most important day of your life.
Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but my gal pals would've punched me in the face if I gave them that.

So I came up with a little 'poem' after getting some design inspiration off http://www.weddingbee.com/ and went down to the scrapbooking store to get some cardstock and the stickers;

Incase you can't read it properly it said (I've blanked out a few words that would be offensive to most people - just not my friends)
Will you be my taffeta wearing woman.  my dress shopping amigo.  satin vS silk shagga. My tooth-checking, train-fixing, toilet-helping bitch. tiara adjuster. my hens night home girl.  Bridal expo guidette. Invitation-making, stamp-licking, colour-picking lady. my flower holding f$cker.  ****, will you be my…

Sure they aren't the most creative or fancy cards but the girls loved them!!! I was a bit over it after making the 5th card (even though it didnt really require much effort at all) so needless-to-say, I don't think I'll be DIYing my invitations.

If you aren't into DIY, but still want a not-so-mushy card I suggest you look at these on etsy.com (of course I found these AFTER I went to such efforts *cough, cough* to make my cards)


What's next on the DIY list??? Engagement party decorations! Stay tuned.


11 October 2011


To celebrate my engagement - I am giving away a gift to one two lucky readers thanks to http://www.bombayfashions.com/

Bombay Fashion have recently launched their affordable line of statement necklaces, bangles, earings named Bella.
The average price of the products are around $20 and is super unique (so you won't be walking around town with the same statment necklace as everyone else).

Here are a few of my favs

So here is how to enter;
* Comment on this post and let me know what is your signature statement piece of jewelery
* Go to http://www.bombayfashions.com/ and find you fav piece from the new Bella Collection
* US residents only
* Competition closes Sat 15th Oct (my birthday!!!) and winners will be randomly picked.

Goooood Luuuuckkk

* Two winners will be chosen

05 October 2011


A few weeks ago I came home to My MR presenting me with the best accessory a girl could want... a diamond ring

This is my late mother's engagement ring to be exact. He went and asked for my Daddy's permission - and got the ring off him. I actually feel sorry for MR knowing how stressed out he would've been.

I love that my ring is unique and has a meaning behind it. A lot of engagement ring these days are (while lovely) very similar.

Soooo... as you can probably imagine KarinaXOXO is going to take a bit of a 'Wedding' spin. Of course I want my wedding to be fabulously fashionable!

I hope you stick around to see how it all plans out (and dont worry - there will still be plenty of random fashion/beauty/shopping posts)