21 November 2011


Some of you UK readers would probably say this is old news... but the Hair Donut is back!!!!!

If you haven't heard of a hair donut - it is what is used to make Carrie Bradshaw's bun look soooo perfectly ballerina like in Sex & the City;

Have you tried to rock this look, only to find your bun ends up looking like a sad, little door handle on your head?? Well, my friends, you have to get your hands on one of these;

I am not going to try and describe how to put this in your hair, but you only have to you tube "Hair Donut" to see a million beauty blogger tutorials, or check out this one from Beauty Heaven.
You can get hair donuts in various sizes and colours (I would suggest finding one closest to your hair colour) and you can buy them from ebay or any hair accessory store.

As soon as I got my new BFF, I tried it out and this was the result;
Seriously - this was my 2nd attempt and it legit took under 2 minutes. It is the perfect hair style for the days you can't be bothered doing your hair but still want to look polished. I can't wait to go out one night and wear a higher bun.

Go on, get going and buy yourself a hair donut... and a chocolate donut - all this talk to donuts is making me crave one!!



  1. Yes! Messy hair is always the best! I love putting my hair in a ponytail and making the hairs stick out all wild :)

    But I do love the idea of having an organized bun! So now to find one!

    And now I'm craving donuts :)


  2. Ah that's awesome. I love wearing buns in the summer because it's so hot. i will have to look into this.

  3. Your hair looks amazing!!! So chic!
    I am so convinced to look out for one of these now.

  4. It looks awesome, I have to get one of these :)

  5. So, so cute! It came out perfect!

  6. haha @ "and a chocolate donut"
    i wonder if my hair is long enough.

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