30 May 2014


I've seen some of my favourite bloggers join up in a link up of 'weekly stills' which is headed by The Beetle Shack.

I wanted to join in, because sometimes I am too lazy to compile a blog post and its easier to describe the week that has been using photos!

  •  A spontanious Sunday afternoon trip to the dog park proved to be a very effective way to not only wear out Tilly (our labrador) but also Hank

  • We got a look at little baby Mummerina today. He has already stayed inutreo for longer, and already weighs more than when bigger brother Hank was born

  • Hank has finally discovered (and has a fleeting interest in) TV. I know its not a bad thing that he loves the outdoors and physical activity, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't starting to get worried about the kids lack of interest in anything digital

  • It may not have been the best foot massage I've ever had... but it was by far the sweetest

  • Wearing his NSW Blue's Jersey to school on State of Origin Wednesday. His teachers thought he looked "sooo cute"

  • Bump. Blimp!

  • A 5:30am wake up meant we were ready for school and work waayyy too early. What else to do but kill some time in the car with a selfie and a few songs

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