18 February 2013


Sitting at home with a newborn baby and unfortunately carrying a bit of extra weight has given me plenty of time to shop online.

In preparation for winter, I have been updating my denim wardrobe. This is a big issue for me - since my short, chunky legs struggle to fit into jeans and when they do, they usually don't look any good.
I have a few staple pairs of skinnies that I hope last me until the day I die - but I have been having a few hit & misses when it comes to buying more fashion forward pairs of skinny jeans.

I've since learnt that unless you are blessed with being curvy AND great legs (bitch!), you should stick to dark denim (or colour)  which will elongate your legs... Even in flats. Unfortunately that means no pastel jeans for me.

My choice for denim is ASOS, because they usually go up to at least size 18 (and then have a plus size range) and legit have the biggest range.

I've got my eye on these 3 pair - I'm not 100% sure on the ombré ones... But I will definitely order them and try.

1. ASOS Supersoft Skinny Jeans in Dark Acid Wash
2. ASOS Matelot Denim Jeggins in Oxblood
3. Oasis Skinny Jean in Ombré

I have the Matelot Jeggings in khaki and a light denim (which was a HUGE mistake - pardon the pun) and they are super comfy.

I'd love to hear your tips & tricks when it comes to buying jeans


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