26 November 2012


Regardless of if you are buying clothes, accessories, shoes... Finding unique, hand made and affordable products can be more hassle than its worth.

Sure - there is Etsy, but I always prefer to support local retailers first and to be honest, there are not nearly enough Aussie retailers over there yet.

Enter your friend (...or foe) Facebook. One look at your news feed and you will surely notice friends "liking" pages of handmade clothes, accessories, kids clothing, toys, candles - the list is endless.

It really is a great way to buy. To start with, the prices are low because it's usually a one man/woman doing it as a hobby, so they can keep their prices down as they limited overheads. Their customer service is second-to-none, and because everything is usually hand made or made-to-order, you can normally customize or personalize the item.

My most recent purchase, via Facebook, was a singlet for little Baby B (in the event "it" is a girl) from Jam Patch. Hand made and customized singlets by the lovely Christy (sorry about the image... I tried to rotate but it wouldn't budge!) 

Jam Patch have a hugggeee range and can be customized to suit your favourite colours, size (from babies to ladies). I even saw a pic of their page of matching Mum & Baby ones!!!

You can view the range here on the Jam Patch page, and contact Christy via Facebook messages to discuss your singlet with her. The chances of you bumping into someone else wearing the same thing are slim, and you know that your money is supporting a local small business.

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