20 February 2013


Sometimes I have some very clever ideas (I also have some horrible ones - but we won't talk about those)

Last week, I caught up with a friend who has had a run of ill health. I wanted to send her something to work to cheer her up the next day, but didn't want to waste money on flowers (seriously, am I the only female who thinks flowers are a waste of money). I looked online for hampers etc, but nothing seemed appropriate.

As I was doing this, I was "multi tasking" by browsing The Iconic and had a light bulb moment!
3 hour shipping (within Sydney) + gift wrapping = The opportunity to hand select a gift to be sent to my BFF that same day! Genious.

I chose this Dogeared Make A Wish necklace and added the express shipping & gift wrapping option. By that afternoon I got "thank you" message and Instagram shout out

For the same price of sending flowers, I sent my friend a more personal gift that I know she can wear again and again.

Now, lets share this with our husbands/partners! 


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