31 October 2012


If you are looking for a series of books to keep you entertained over the next few months (or weeks, depending on how quickly you read them) – I can highly recommend, in fact, insist you read the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle.

“A (very) mature new adult urban fantasy series that is scary, sexy and relatable, filled with the supernatural and things to go bump in the night
In a large, flaky nutshell, the Experiment in Terror Series is an eight-part sci-fi/fantasty/horror series that revolves around a pair of ghost hunters. Well, aspiring ghost hunters, anyway. After filiming a creep experience in her uncle’s dilapidated lighthouse, 22-year old Perry Palomino becomes a YouTube and internet sat overnight. She attracts the attention of Dex Foray, a producer and cameraman for a side that specializes in various webisodes, who convinces her to be a host for a low-budget ghost hunting series. The only problem is, neither Perry of Dex are entirely “with it” – I mean, they see ghosts, after all. And when the duo isn’t wrestling with their very notion of reality, they’re frapping with a working relationship that’s deep-cut with sexual tension. As the series moves on, leading Perry and Dex to new locales and supernatural situations, their lives become more and more intertwines, where they discover that ghost aren’t the only things the can haunt them” -Experimentinterror.com

It is an understatement to say that I am not a fan of the sci-fi/supernatural genre. Sure, I read/watched Twilight, but that is about as far as my supernatural experience has taken me.

I still wouldn’t count myself as a sci-fi fan, and would probably even be reluctant to read anything like this series by another author. It’s the two main characters, Perry & Dex, which keep me so hooked. I generally read at least 1 book a month, and I have never come across characters that captivate me as much as these two.
Admittedly, Darkhouse (the first book in the EIT series) started out a bit slow for me, but thank god I did continue reading through – by the time I was a quarter way through the book I couldn’t put it down. Ever since then, I purchase the next book in the series the day the author releases it, read it within the week, and then have to patiently wait a few months for the next book to be released.
I gave the first 5 books in the series for a friend as a birthday gift, and she read them all within a month.

The kindle edition is currently free on Amazon.com, whilst the rest of the series are on sale for $0.99 (kindle editions) for Halloween.
If you usually stick to reading chick lit – you must try Darkhouse. As much as I hope this statement isn’t an insult to the author, but I would best describe the series as a really is a well written and somewhat smutty chick lit (where there isn’t always the typical happy ending), with scary paranormal activity thrown in.

So if you aren't planning on trick or treating tonight, download Darkhouse and enjoy a terrifying story filled with sexual tension!


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