14 October 2012


Despite being 6 months pregnant, I have not started shopping with little BB. Not one single thing.

We are lucky that we are getting most of the essential items handed down to us, including some new born clothes in various sizes - so I am being sensible and not buying things that we may not need - (and I may be missing the 'overly-excited-jump-for-joy gene' that most pregnant woman have... but that is a whole other story).

Then I see something like this... and it makes me melt and hope for a girl (most of the time I am thinking/hoping that I am having a boy).

Hubby would kill me, but I am tempted to buy this and keep it as a just in case, I can always gift it to another expectant mother. There aren't as many cute things you can buy for a summer baby. I'm not usually a pink fan, this has just the right amount. I love dogs. Have I justified it enough yet?


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