13 October 2012


I like to fancy myself as quite the gift giver. I love gift shopping (everything from decided what to buying, to the wrapping, to seeing my loved ones face when they open the present). And I’d like to think my friends and family love getting gifts from me!
I know not everyone feels the same though, and given that it coming up to the ultimate gift giving time of year, Christmas. I’ve decided I will be doing a 2012 Christmas Gift Giving Guide. From everyone and anyone you can think of (if you have anyone in particular you are stuck for email me at karinaxoxo@gmail.com)
To kick it off, here are some suggested gifts to give a female co-worker the office secret santa. To me, this is possibly the most tricky person to buy for. You may draw out your work BFF, but you may luck out and have to buy for that weird 60 year old lady who doesn’t speak a word to anyone born before the 1960’s

Rose Water Toning Mist from Mira's Hand - Distilled from the Damask Rose in Morocco, this mist is the perfect pick me up on a hot summer day especially when you are stuck in the office. I keep mine in the fridge (so it is nice and cool) and spray it on my face to keep me feeling cool and fresh

Gold Chevron Soy Candle from Max and Me via Etsy - A refreshing take on the dowdy lavendar scented candles you used to get. If you haven't heard of, or used soy wax candles.. they are a slower burning, less toxic candles that come in amazing fragrances like French Pear and Pomegranate. And it's glittery (what more could you want?)
BenElke Lunch Bag from Birds Nest - Your colleague will be the envy of everyone in the lunch room with this modern take on the brown paper lunch bag. It comes in a variety of designs/prints (so you will find one to suit the person who's name you barely know)
Hopefully some of my co workers are reading, so that this year, I don't end up getting pot pouri as a christmas gift. What is the worse secret santa/kris kringle gift you've ever received??

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  1. Thanks for including my candle Karina. I hope you get a great Kris Kringle present this year :)