06 February 2012


I have finally decided on how I want my hair & make up for my wedding. I am so fussy it's not funny - so I am looking forward to my trail to make sure the people we have booked can pull off the look.

I want my hair in a big ballerina hair donut bun. I originally thought I wanted a slicked back look - but I have realised sometimes from front on, it looks very plain. So I think I want it with a few peices out to frame my face - similar to this (although I do like the placement of Whitney Port's bun - I think if it were this far forward I wouldnt need to worry about not being about to see it in front on photos);

And for the make up - I want a very basic cat eye. I have never and will never be a fan of eyeshadow (I think my eyelids are too small) and the last thing I want is to look like a completely different person on my wedding day. I've been wearing eyeliner since high school - and used to frequently be kicked out of English class to wash it off.
I don't want it TOO dark - but I definitely want more liner than I do eyeshadow.
Like RiRi's look (but I'd have a nude/peachy lip - defs not hot pink)

A big pair of earrings, killer tan and a very simple & delicate necklace will complete my look (well, from the shoulders up anyway)


All images found via google images


  1. That sounds amazing! I think the ballet donut hair would be fabulous. Can't wait to actually see your wedding :)

  2. gorgeous looks!


  3. Love the ballerina bun!

    I am the same as you - love eyeliner over eye shadow.
    I am a big fan of the the cat eye (nothing too dramatic either).

    It all sounds amazing anyway :)


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