02 February 2012


Ok, I know I'm a day late - but I was seraching everywhere for the picture I had seen before on tumblr. I can't find it but I found this one which gives the same message!

If anyone of you are overweight, or have put on a considerable amount of weight - you will know it didnt happen overnight! It took possibly years to gain that weight. This is why we have to remember it is going to take just as long (if not longer) to lose that weight.
Sometimes I get so frustrated becasue I have been trying so hard and yet I still struggle to get into some of my clothes. I just need to remind myself that this is a slow progress - and not to give up just because I am not seeing immediate results.

I have had a few people ask if I have lost weight though, which is always nice, and I guess confirms that my body is changing - even if I can't notice it yet!!

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