23 June 2014


Teething sucks... Any mother will tell you that.
Your baby may be unsettled, restless, sooky, clingy and possibly show symptoms of a cold and flu. But aside from all that... They will probably be dribbling and drooling as if they have completely lost their ability to swallow.

Some days, we would go through 4-5 tshirts which were all soaked in drool. Which makes it hard to dress your kid in any soft of coordinating outfit (not to mention, adds to the already overflowing baskets of laundry). In summer, I would just let Hank roam around in no T-shirts... But obviously that is not an option in winter.

Which is why I am building up a collection of bandana bibs, or dribble bibs. They look a lot more funky than a normal bib, and really do work better in terms of catching droll and stopping your little ones neck and chest from getting soaking wet.

Here are a few of my favourite bibs from Aussie retailers
Raenne Designs Tribal Bandana Bib $10.00
Gurt & Ernie shabby chic bandana bib

Functionality aside... Bandana or Dribble bibs are a cute and cheap way to dress up your little ones outfit.

What's your best teething advice?

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