25 January 2012


I have found myself reading more and more fitness/health blogs lately - I think it's because at the moment - it is more important to me than reading about fashion (although I still love all my fav fashion bloggers).

I'm going to keep up with the Jones' and do a "Motivation Wednesday".

This week:

In the last 10 days I've worked out 11 times. I've been drinking more water than I usually do. I'm eating at least 2 serves of fruit, 3 serves of veggies and serverely reducing my intake of processed foods. This isn't perfect - but I already feel so much better. My skin is glowing. My hair feels better. My muscles have the dull ache that lets me know they are working. My breathing has improved and whilst its not yet time to weigh in/measure - Adam is certain I have at least lost weight in my boobs (which he isnt very happy about haha)

Whilst I do want to lose weight (and need to) - this is about taking care of my body. Preparing it for when I have children and making sure I am getting the most out of life. Doing everything I can to make sure I am healthy enough to fight any illness life throws at me. I want healthy bones, healthy muscles, healthy mind and a health heart.

If you need to kickstart your motivation to get healthy - I highly recommend you read the blog of Amanda - the same blog which I read until 4am one morning and was a huge factor in me deciding NOW is the time. Me vs The Bulge is the inspiration that even the most lazy, obese and unfit of people will need to get clean!



  1. Very good post I enjoyed reading it from top to bottom.


  2. This is fantastic. I think it's very motivating that you are really wanting to take care of your all round health. I need to do the same.

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