25 October 2012


Word on the street (and over at Vogue Australia ) is that balayage, ombre, dipped ends hair or whatever you want to call it, is on the way OUT.

And to that, I say good riddance. It's just not for me, despite the fact that I have had natural balayage locks for more than 6 months now. You see, for years I had an amazing blonde colour (truly, it was a beautiful colour) but time, money and the health of my hair meant I had to stop bleaching my dark hair.
Cue a few packets of hair dye and my blonde do had been turned into a light brown mane.

12 months down the track, many washes and pregnancy-hormoned-hair-growth-spurt... and the light brown in the ends of my hair has slowly but surely washed out, and my dark brown roots have grown almost half way down.

A natural (and completely unintentional) subtle ombre look;

But as I mentioned - its not for me. I prefer more of a polished colour and don't do the boho/stylishly unkept look very well. Add to the fact that my ends are like straw - I've decided to go the chop. Now that Baby B is cooking nicely, I feel more comfortable colouring my hair, so I am going for this brunette version of the Lauren Conrad long bob. I predict that flat but vibrant colours will be be the trend once the female population realises that OMBRE.IS.OVER

I will be stressing the importance of the LONGness of the bob (I still want to be able to tie it up reasonably high) to my hairdresser. And the importance of, you know, making me look as HOT as LC does (if only!)

The results...

Stay tuned


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