07 November 2011


Anyone with boobs bigger than a B cup will know what I am saying when bikini shopping is the WORST (like, even more of a nightmare than bikini shopping is for most)

Little string bikinis hardly cover my headlights - let alone provide any support (or modesty). Team that with the fact that I am not blessed with a bikini perfect body (far, far, far, far away from it) I was starting to think I would have to resort to wearing a tankini or one peice.

I long gave up my insecurities about going to the beach/pool. I am most definitely a water baby and I can tell you that a (well fitted) bikini is much more comfortable to swim in that a tankini top or one peice. I hate the feeling of the water coming up under your swimmers. In saying that - I have learnt (the hard way) that I do need to invest in well fitted swimwear - not tie up traingle bikinis for this beach babe whale.

So team the curvy d cup Karina with the tight a$$ Karina and my serach for cheapish yet supportive and fashionable swimmers lead me to http://www.asos.com/

I got this animalistic bikini top back in September
ASOS Leopard Print 50s style bikini

It had served me & my tat tats well over the last few weekends... however I now have the style permanentely tanned onto my skin - so I think its time to get another one to remove the halter tan lines frmo my chest.
Although this one is also hatler, the straps are a lot thinner and in a different position to the above - so I think I am going to order this one later in the week

ASOS Blue underwire Bikini

Here are a few tips I have for buying the perfect bikini - if you aren't lucky enough to be able to make a garbage bag bikini look good

*  Buy what fits - not what is fashionable. A string bikini on anyone bigger than a size 0 does not look good if you ask me. Nor do high wasited bottoms.

* Try to avoid tie up backs... I find they are not supportive enough and you risk ending up with a bow tan line

* Also avoid big bows, buckles, cut outs... unless you like the whole weird tan line thing

* For us Aussies - shop in the off season. ASOS has a lot of their bikinis on sale because it is coming into winter over in the UK

* Buy a few different styles - halter, straps, strapless, thin straps etc. this way if you are spending a few days in a row in the sun you can ulternate the straps line

* If you are big busted I would steer clear of detachable straps. A little plastic clip is not going to hold my girls up and usually results in the clip breaking or coming undone.

* You don't have to buy a set. I nearly always wear black or navy bottoms and just mix & match the tops (In my mind, this is a slimming effect). If your bottom half is your best asset you should wear a plain colour on top and wear print/bold coloured bottoms

* Be confident. Seriously - I truly believe gals wearing boardshorts and singlets make themselves look x 10 bigger. No one is judging you and once you get over the insecurity you will enjoy going to the beach so much more. Trust me!

* Wear sunscreen. This is a true case of the pot calling the kettle black, beacuse I rarely do. I have the freckles/mole to show this - and if I am still blogging in 20+ years I will show you how leathery my skin will be.

If you know of any other places to buy real women bikinis, let me know =)



  1. I'm not that into animal prints, but I do like the blue underwire top.

    p.s. "You don't have to buy a set." Actually, I always buy sets. :)

  2. Haha I don't have this problem at all since my boobs are small. I go opposite and need a lot of padding to make myself appear bigger.

    I want to buy some bikinis from Asos especially because they are on sale at the moment :)

  3. lol!! Your funny!! Yes I do understand, coming from a double DD girl! Yes DD - ugh! I love the idea of the animal print! Get it :)


  4. With the paper poufs you usually make them with string so you can tie them up...Hmm it's hard to explain. I would have thought the tutorials would mention that. Maybe try finding a tute on Martha Stewart?

  5. i love your tip for being confident! i totally agree :)

    XXX The Sydney Girl

  6. LOVED this post because I can totally relate 110%.
    Both those Asos bikinis are gorgeous- I LOVE the animal print especially- would be so glam with a big pair of black sunnies!

  7. I can't do bikini's. 1) too old 2) I wear a 36C - ain't happening 3) I always tend to keep a tummy because am short waisted and have a weird body type. A 50's retro cut two-piece or one piece works great for me.

  8. My daughter and I when to Doll House to buy a Sherri Lee dress that my daughter was obsessed with. I received no service from the sales staff until I asked. They gave my daughter a few styles to try on when asked what size my daughter would be, she pointed at the dress my daughter had on and said “that size”. I noticed that the dresses had no size tags on them and when I asked the sales staff about that, they got frustrated with me and gave no explanation. So I left the store with a much deflated daughter, went home and ordered the dress online and saved $200