15 May 2014


Some women are just made to be pregnant. They have a cute, yet distinguished baby bump. They feel amazing throughout their pregnancy. Their hair becomes thick and luscious. Their skin glows. They sh!t rainbows, basically!

I am not one of those women. I am the furthest from it. I do not, will not and can not enjoy being pregnant. I am eternally grateful that I am able to bear a child, and I am mindful that others would kill to experience what I am… but I won’t apologise for saying that pregnancy and I just do not get on well together.

I am at that stage of my pregnancy (and weight) where I want to be able to re focus on my well being goals. I want to get back on the health & fitness wagon (don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to get off said wagon… trust me, you will regret it!). However, at 30 weeks pregnant with sciatic nerve pain and Braxton hicks contractions... it would be medically unsafe for me to start pounding the pavement in order to lose the excess, non baby weight that I am carrying.

Which is why I am loving the Mumafit IPhone App.



The app is the brain child of Fiona Trewhitt (who is a mum to 3 kiddies), and has been designed by exercise physiologists for pregnant & post natal women. Mumafit helps you safely exercise at home during and after pregnancy. No gym membership or expensive equipment or work out gear required (literally… I do my third trimester stretches in my underwear some days!)

Both the stretch and toning chapters have done wonders to help my back pain and general tightness that has come with months of using my pregnancy as an excuse to be a sloth. The app also has a GPS prameter which maps your cardio workouts and daily tips which relate to your pregnancy.
Mumafit app is available from the App Store for $3.79, which is the equivalent to my daily weekly chocolate fix, and is worth every cent.
Does you have any favourite pregnancy related Apps?
Disclosure:  I was not compensated or remunerated for this review, I'm just a fan! This review is my own and honest opinion. For more information see my disclosure policy

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